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Based out of New York City, we are comprised of Directors, Coaches and Athletes with years of experience in the event management, triathlon, swimming, cycling, running and nutrition fields.

We recruit and utilize resources to appropriately build out custom triathlon training camps for our clients and their teams/groups/athletes.

We handle all logistics so that you and your athletes get the most benefit from your camp experience by focusing on your training and enjoying yourselves. 


David Guilford is a New York City Firefighter and Triathlete. He is the Director of Raw Endurance Tri Camp, Director of the FDNY Multisport Group and President of the FDNY Triathlon Team.

David grew up in Queens NY and has been a Firefighter for 14 years. He has been participating in triathlons since 2005 and has competed in numerous sprint, olympic and half ironman distance races including 2x Ironman Lake Placid finisher.

He has been organizing training camps for the FDNY Triathlon Team for four years and has now decided to offer his services  and resources to other groups and teams. 

Listen to David discuss training and racing with the FDNY Triathlon Team and maintaining proper fitness as a Firefighter.

The FDNY Pro podcast brings together professionals and experts in the field of Fire and EMS, offering their firsthand knowledge and experience. Hear from the pros as they discuss what they’ve learned on the front lines.