Proper Performance Nutrition is vital to fuel workouts and aid in recovery. All Athletes should have a solid grasp over what foods they choose to put into their bodies in order for them to perform their very best. We educate Athletes about this very important aspect of triathlon through discussions lead by our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. We provide wholesome, mostly plant based, high nutrient dense meals to our Athletes each day. We have fresh meals available at the lodge for the group pre and post workout and also dine out at local restaurants. We are particular with the foods we offer to the group, take into consideration everyone’s dietary preferences and try to ensure that everyone has great meals while with us!

We have partnered with a few organizations that we feel have high quality products and are beneficial to Endurance Athletes both on and off of the race course. Take a look!

Plant Power Boot Camp

Our Nutritionist Erika Mitchener leads daily discussions about both on and off course nutrition. She explains how carbohydrates, fats and proteins, micros, macros, and supplements all play a role in providing energy to your body.

Erika also prepares breakfast each morning listing the nutritional content and make post workout recovery smoothies !

Everyone helps out in the kitchen as we prepare the meal together at the BBQ on the deck.

Hey Mama Kitchen

Raw Endurance and Hey Mama Kitchen formulated these Energy and Protein bars specifically for the Endurance Athlete. The wholesome natural ingredients provide the fuel needed to power through a workout and the nutrients to recover when finished. The soft texture makes it easily digestible in your mouth so you don’t have to spend energy chewing on them. They can be taken without water as the nut oils keep them moist. The small bite size portions are great to pop in your mouth while riding. Take a look at the ingredients and give them a try on your next bike ride!

Our Director discusses Ironman, Training and Nutrition with Selvia Tjandra-Stothers of Hey Mama Kitchen.

Learn more about our collaboration to create these Protein and Energy Bars. We provide bars to athletes at all camps!

INFINIT Nutrition

We have partnered up with INFINIT Nutrition as our on course fuel choice. Proven results from Age Groupers, Elites and Pros, this electrolyte powder is in more and more water bottles on the race course. The custom blend allows you to dial in the proper nutrition needs with respect to your body size, activity, sweat rate and intensity. INFINIT tailors formulations specifically for the individual and their goals. Best of all there is no need to supplement with other products on the course. Your custom blend will provide you with the correct mount of electrolytes and the proper ratio of carbohydrates to fats for energy and satisfaction.