New Paltz : May 1-3rd

Lake Placid : June 15-18th

Lake Placid : June 18-21st

New Paltz : July 10-12th

Coming Soon…

First Responder Camp : Summer 2020

Gravel Camp : Fall 2020

All camps include the following:

  • Route map uploads

  • Infinit Nutrition and ROKA products

  • Normatec recovery boot system

  • Hey Mama Kitchen energy bars

  • Boco Gear hat

  • Photographs

  • Accommodations each night

  • Coaching for all sessions

  • Nutritionist to lead discussions

  • Race planning & gear discussions

  • Healthy meals prepared onsite

  • SAG vehicle support

Or….design your own camp…!

We will build a custom triathlon camp for your athletes based on your training needs. We handle all logistics to ensure that things run smooth for you and your group. We focus heavily on proper Performance Nutrition and lead discussions educating the group about this important aspect of triathlon. We work directly with your coaches to build up itineraries based on your workouts and time frame. We do all the behind the scenes work so that you can focus on your athletes and enjoy yourselves !